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During the War of 1812-1815 between the United States of America and Great Britain, the Niagara frontier saw the most sustained fighting and most significant land battles in a single geographical area anywhere. Nowhere on the continent was the conflict more sharply contested than here, and the militia were an invaluable military contribution. This war provided our forefathers with a sense of common identity, history and future. It gave them pride to know that they were instrumental in throwing back republican imperialists, and keeping this land for King, country, and constitution. They could not have known at the time that their efforts contributed greatly to the building of one dominion, sea to sea.

We are the recreated unit of local militia in the Niagara region of Ontario. With humility and pride, we recreate the military and social lives of those pioneers who gave future generations so much. That's why we say we are "The Pride of Niagara!" We formed the group in 2001 and try to do things authentically while still making this hobby family-friendly. Among our priorities are fun, comaraderie, safety, research and authenticity. We are the only 1812 group representing Niagara militia, and we take this responsibility humbly and seriously.

We are not actively recruiting at this point, though we will respond to inquiries of that nature.

Read over this site and especially our recruiting page. Then, if you have questions or would like to join, email us! Our Captain, Calvin Arnt, will give you all the assistance that he can. We certainly hope you will JOIN US NOW!!!
tvAlso look for our group featured on the CBC's popular television show, The Rick Mercer Report.

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15 of serving the 1812 community and honouring the ones we portray.

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The 1st Reg't, Lincoln Militia, Capt. James Crooks' Light Coy, is part of the Early Canada Association. The ECA is an umbrella organization for legal and insurance purposes, and currently supports two reenacting groups.

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