We are ready and willing to add colour to your event by attending in full historical gear, provided our schedule is free. See our schedule page, and if we are not attending a re-enactment on the day you are hoping for, it may work! (Please note that only events listed in bold are ones we absolutely will attend; all others are optional). Contact us at least one month ahead of the event to see if we are available. We are able to add a number of things to your event including:

soldiers firing.In the past, we have attended orchestra presentations at Dundurn Castle and fired off muskets in sync with the 1812 Overture. We have appeared in films including, The History of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment and our commander has been interviewed for local tvtelevision, radio and newspaper. We were the primary focus of an episode of The Rick Mercer Report. Some members of this group also have clothing for the Seven Years' War and the Revolutionary War. If you are interested in having people attend in that time period's clothing, let us know; otherwise we naturally presume your request is about the War of 1812.


The following table outlines our schedule of fees. We will need to know how many of us you will need, what types of people (soldiers only, women also, etc), when & where you want us. Contact us to inquire.

Fee Schedule.
  Charitable Group†

Regular Company.§

Regular Company.§
Adults (16+ yrs).
$50.00 pp
$250.00 pp
$200.00 pp
Children (<16 yrs).
$35.00 pp
$150.00 pp
$100.00 pp

† For this purpose, we define a charitable group as a historical society, a heritage organization, some educational facilities, a family etc. Essentially anything/one that is not using our input for commercial purposes. If such an organization has a website, we require that a link be made back to this site.

§ For this purpose, we define a company as a business that is using our presence for commercial and/or promotional purposes. We are not so consumed with vanity that we will agree to appear on screen soley for the satisfaction of seeing our faces on film. When we do these things it is not easy and requires time away from our regular jobs. This fee merely replaces the money we would have earned being at work. Further to this, we may also require other things like meals, lodging, showers etc.

soldiers standing in observance of the ceremony.

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