Wares for Sale: Buy/Sell/Trade.

If any of these items are of interest to you, unless otherwise indicated, contact the group to proceed with the transaction or ask a question about the item(s). ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN (CAD) FUNDS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! We will happily accept American currency at the rate posted daily by the Bank of Canada.Currently that is par; dollar for dollar.

Items For Sale.

Clothing. We can recommend to you trusted seamstresses and tailors in the hobby who are skilled in working with Regency patterns. Anything you need sewn we can have made according to your preference (i.e. all hand sewn, all machine sewn etc).






Hardwood. Our Officer has high quality oak and ash for sale at an extremely reasonable price. The intended use of these is as tent poles, but could be used for other things. They have the corners shaved off so that they are octagonal and therefore period-correct. They come in any lengths ranging from 6' - 12'. There are 2x2's and 2x3's (tent ridge poles) and are true dimensions, not the shaved down version you see at certain lumber stores. They have next to no bend in them, and almost no knots.

Cost is $2/foot for the 2x2 (6' minimum) and $2.50/foot for the 2x3 (6' minimum). Example of each width shown to the right.

He is also able to aquire hardwood slabs, suitable for using as a sign similar to this one.




Wooden Tent Pins. These are all made from oak and are copied from an original design that George Washington used. The design is outlined in The Packet Vol. 1. Ours are slightly larger; they are around 1 foot in length on average. They sell for $1.50 each or a dozen for $15.



wood malletWood Mallets. Wood pins should only be pushed into the ground with something wood, otherwise the head of the pin will start to break down quicker. The mallet solves this problem. On the same token, never use a wood mallet to punch a metal pin into the ground, as that will soon destroy the mallet head. $20 each.







Black Powder. We sell powder in both 3F and 2F grades. You may also buy it mixed together (2.5F). $20 perblack powder pound, but if you bring an empty can to fill, we will knock one dollar off the price. If you purchase three or more pounds at once, the price drops to $18 per pound (all Canadian dollars).





Irons. Our Officer also dabbles in blacksmithing and does so at the forge in Fort George about a half dozen times a year as a volunteer. He has made cooking irons, grills, S-hooks, tent stakes, and a variety of other things. All items come water-proofed with a skin of linseed oil baked into it at the forge. Let him know what you need and a price can be discussed. The irons set you see below was made by him, hand forged at Fort George, with only minor modern spot welding.

Hanging Rail. This is a new item (below) that I have not seen sutlers sell yet. I call it a Hanging Rail. The ends have been squared to fit around the cross beam of a tent or fly. I then dropped it down, and brought it over to the middle of the piece, ran it across and did the same thing to the other end. Once it is on your cross beam, you can hang hangers with wet coats on it, lanterns - whatever you want, and slide it up and down the length of the rod depending where you want your item to hang. I do not claim this to be authentic, but it sure is a space saver in a tent, and looks lovely with lanterns hanging from it at a group fly. I know I can't stop people if they intend to copy this pattern, but at least credit me with the design. Please always call it a Hanging Rail and remember to credit Calvin Arnt for the design. If you would like me to hand forge you one of these, contact me. Squaring two ends sucks up roughly 2' of metal, so remember that when you decide how long you want the actual rail to be. Our email is at the top.






Wanted Items.

Horeseman's Tent. Our officer needs one. Not a really big one, but a small to medium size one. Used is preferred as long as it is still in decent shape. Poles are not necessary.

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